YUVA SENE is a youth organization specially created for youth empowerment.

The Ideology of the organization includes :

1. Ultra-nationalism, nationalism: The members of YUVA SENE are ultra-patriotic and work towards the empowerment of youths. Leveraging nationalistic ideology, we organize agitations and protests towards the Anti-national views and movements. Also, we work in an intellectual way for the overall benefits and rights of youth and conduct social programs/social works for the betterment of the people and country.
2. As a staunch follower of nationalism, we support the state language and farmers of our state. If anyone abuse mother tounge and mother state, we tend to protest towards the same. This is just to illustrate our love towards our state, state language, culture and also, our love towards mother India (bharatha).

As stated earlier, Yuva Sene is the youth wing established to channelize and transform youth energy into service for the people. It is all about youngster's rights, duties and responsibilities. We conduct various social activities on 'Education, Health and Employment’ all under one roof called Yuva Sene. In a short span of time, Yuva Sene was transformed into a mass organization of youths that not only works on television, forums and social networking sites.

The word "YUVA SENE” is a kannada word, whose literal translation into English is "Youth Army". However, the word “Yuva” means “youth” while “Sene” means “army” i.e., a large group of people who are fully involved in serving people when required. The members of YUVA SENE are called “Sainikaru” which means soldiers. Instilled with the wisdom of past, this new age breed of Yuva Sainikaru is bustling with energy to create a better future. From protests to policy changes, from agitations to delegations, when issues are related to our nation/society, the Yuva Sainikaru has led from the front. And therefore, YUVA SENE is positioned as a revolutionary youth organization where attitude matters with aptitude.


The logo of YUVA SENE was designed by Mr Karan Acharya, the famous Caricaturist and artist who created the intense-looking vector-style graphic of Lord Hanuman,Adhiyogi & many more and received appreciation from our Prime Minister Shri Narendra modi. The YUVA SENE Logo looks very powerful depicting youths ready for revolution. Besides, the logo got registered and received copy rights (Trade mark) and also (Word mark) from the concerned authority.

YUVA SENE’s Key Mission & Other Social Activities

  • The unconditional love towards mother and mother India always prevails.
  • When it comes to state, we give first priority to state and when it comes to country, we give first priority to country.
  • When a problem arises, the members of Yuva Sene are ready to fight for the right of the state ,language and Mother India (bharatha).
  • Developing plans to spread their wings in other parts of the country.
  • Conducting many social works in the field of education by distributing books and other useful stuffs.
  • Visiting old age home/orphanages and providing food, medicines and other basic amenities.
  • Cleaning the old age homes and orphanage premises.
  • Promoting various programs like tree plantation programmes and many others.
  • Collected funds and sent food, medicines and relief kits for Kerala and Kodagu (coorg) flood victims.